1. What does co-creation mean in LTC?

Answer: a) Co-creation in long-term care (LTC) means an act of creative collaboration between stakeholder groups with shared goals, in which value is created.

2. There is only one co-creation method that is correct for LTC?

Answer: b) There are several different methods available for co-creation. 

3. How older people need to be addressed in co-creation activities?

Answer: b) Older people are a special and unique group in co-creation needing adjustment all along co-creation. This sets demands on the implementation of co-creation. One of the most central points of attention is that older people as service users are not necessarily capable of sustained co-creation over several years. Their condition may be poor, and their situation may be constantly changing.

4. Which issues are essential for participants’ engagement to co-create on digital platform?

Answer: c) Accessibility to the digital platform, clear objectives and timely feedback

5. Digital co-creation platforms should support:

Answer: b) co-creation activities of the participants

6. What kind of impact co-creation method may have on LTC according to the MOOC lecture?

Answer: b) It adds to the emotional wellbeing of the older people needing care, provides the dignity of independence and gives paid staff more time to look after those who can’t help caring for themselves.  

7. How do you check who is behind your online co-creation platform?

Answer: c) I check the owners and licensors on the platform

8. How do you select your service provider?          

Answer: b) The best is to chose whom I know already or ask my friends for references

9. To whom do you give your personal data if you want to use co-creation services?     

Answer: a) I upload my personal data to the co-creation platform I checked

10. What happens with your personal data when you upload it to the co-creation platform of your choice?

Answer: b) They are used for providing me the services I subscribe to

11. What happens if you visit the website of an online co-creation platform without registration?      

Answer: a) The website uses cookies for enhanced user experience 

12. What happens if you register to an online co-creation platform?  

Answer: a) I can connect to the co-creation community and get information on the services I need